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IBM CE Enterprise Applications Major Projects

About the Technology

Lack of project exposure is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT companies while recruiting new hires like you. To bridge this gap, the IBM Career Education Program provides an opportunity in Experiential Learning to work on projects based on real-world problems, rather than industry simulations. Make the right beginning with a project that requires practical knowledge to back-up the theories you have mastered.

About the Course

The IBM Career Education – Enterprise Application Project enables the student to roll out through all the phases of application development from Requirements to Deployment. These projects mainly focus on SDLC process and usage various tools for SDLC phases. Students get an opportunity to apply a chosen application development methodology and understand the workflow in each phase of SDLC.

Benefits for participants:

On completion of project students will learn:

  • Requirements and its types.
  • Choosing amongst various process models / methodology that suit the requirements.
  • Process of mapping requirements to analysis & design, development, testing.
  • Creating Analysis and design of an application using UML diagrams like Use Case,
    Class, Sequence, Activity-etc.
  • Accommodating non functional requirements while analyzing, designing, developing an
  • Creating Test cases for an application.
  • Establishing Traceability from Requirements to Test Cases.
  • Applying Object Oriented Programming concepts like re-usability, encapsulation,
    polymorphism, inheritance -etc in the development of an application.
  • Concepts of Configuration Management like Version, Build – etc.
  • Manual Testing of an application.
  • Best Practices of mentoring Engineering students on Projects.
  • Candidates who successfully complete the course will be awarded IBM Certificates, giving you a global recognition.

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